Two Amazing films Won Awards at AAIFF 2015 - Reports Dr. Steeve Coupeau 8/3/15


Ayazamana delighted diverse audiences at the Frank Sinatra School of Arts, 19 July 2015

Two amazing films at AAIFF 2015 won in the category of Emerging Director of Narrative Feature. The first is LA SALADA, dir. Juan Martin Hsu found ‘the characters in the film are diverse, but they are united by a balanced, sympathetic eye content to observe their lives without judgment. Loneliness, textured space, layered sounds, relief, movement & stillness, they rotate in and out of prominence in a unique rhythm.’

Another poignant film was A GIRL AT MY DOOR. According to the Jury Statement: “True to Korean cinema, A Girl at My Door is a heated portrayal of domestic abuse. It’s dramatic, but not melodramatic. I admire the filmmaker’s quest in tackling a variety of issues, including migration, abuse, and homosexuality.

Ayazamana: Traditional Music and Dances from Ecuador now in its 6th Year was a delight for both Ecuadorians and the many attendees from other countries. The event, which took place at the Tony Bennett Concert Hall at the Frank Sinatra School of Arts, featured musical and dance traditions from various regions of Ecuador with performers wearing their finest traditional cloths.

Native traditions included celebration of the sun and the ritualistic ceremony to pay tribute to Pachamama, a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes.


Courtesy of Ayazamana
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