Best Practices in Peacekeeping Operations at UN Headquarters by Val Murray 30 May 2016

Dr. Steeve Coupeau Goes One-on-One with Kim Rocco Shields, June 16, 2016

The High-level meeting on ‘Sustaining Peace: Mechanisms and Partnerships and the Future of Peacebuilding in Africa bought together, representatives of member states and the civil society at the United Nations on 12 May 2016. Civil society representatives expressed the need to enhance local leadership in managing African resources instead of allowing multinational corporations to plunder African resources.

NYIHA MEDIA’s own Dr. Steeve Coupeau sits down with Kim Rocco Shields to discuss the screening of Love is All You Need? at Brooklyn Film Festival.

SC: Is this your first film? How did you enter the film business?

K.R.S.: ‘Love is All You Need?’ is my first feature film. I worked on over 30 films in my 6 years, joined the local IATSE union, and had the pleasure of working for directors including J.J. Abrams and Gore Verbinski before I decided to launch my first production company, Genius Pictures, an award winning in­house production and post studio based in Burbank, CA.




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