Dr. Steeve Coupeau in Conversation with John Wirth, Showrunner, HELL ON WHEELS, 15 August 2015  

Ayazamana delighted   diverse audiences,

19 July 2015


HELL ON WHEELS was inspired by the true life story of the building of the first Transcontinental Railroad in the United States. We got very lucky in casting our 3 primary Chinese actors in Hell on Wheels, representing 3 generations. We provided reading material and historical documents to the actors so they could prepare for their roles in the series.

AMC bought in 2010. Season one of the show was broadcast in 2011. We are now in the fifth season. This is my dream project. Great story. Great actors. Great writers. Came along at exactly the right time in my life. We are sharing pictures of lead actors including Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon) along with the Chinese actors: Byron Mann, Tzi Ma and Angela Zhou.

Ayazamana: Traditional Music and Dances from Ecuador now in its 6th Year was a delight for both Ecuadorians and the many attendees from other countries. The event, which took place at the Tony Bennett Concert Hall at the Frank Sinatra School of Arts, featured musical and dance traditions from various regions of Ecuador with performers wearing their finest traditional cloths.

Native traditions included celebration of the sun and the ritualistic ceremony to pay tribute to Pachamama, a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes.



Courtesy of Ayazamana




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