‘In White America’: A Review by Val Murray 10/24/15
Elephant’s Dream, A Story of Resilience at Mead Film Festival, 10/26/15

In a NYIHA MEDIA exclusive, Val Murray attended a celebration of the play ‘In White America’ written by Martin Duberman. This story began with slavery and how slaves were forced to come to America under abominable conditions. Many slaves preferred to be eaten by sharks before reaching the New World. Both John Brown and Nat Turner had a revelation that no blood shall be shed upon freeing the slaves.

Attending church service was prohibited even though slaves build the churches. A minister was sent to the plantations to indoctrinate the slaves, who were brainwashed into obeying their masters. During slavery, families were separated, women were raped both on the slave ships and plantations. Black men were lynched for trivial reasons. Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey made strong contributions to helping Blacks freeing their mind from their masters’ control.

Directed by Kristof Bilsen, Elephant's Dream is a story of 3 public servants in the Congo striving for excellent opportunities to improve their live under conditions of non-payment at worse or reliance on only 10 percent of their wages at best. This film challenges misconceptions about the Congo by portraying the extraordinary resilience of these employees navigating their careers and personal lives in a difficult environment. This beautifully shot film is highly recommended.