Dr. Steeve Coupeau Goes One-on-One with Liv Prior Colliander, Director of Dryland, May 3, 2016

Dr. Steeve Coupeau Goes One-on-One with  Karina Kiseleva, May 21, 2016

NYIHA MEDIA’s own Dr. Steeve Coupeau sits down with Liv Prior Colliander to discuss her film's screening at New York City Independent Film Festival 2016.

SC: How did you start making film?

L.P.C: DRYLAND is the MFA thesis film I directed to graduate from the American Film Institute’s Conservatory in December 2015. 

SC: What inspires you to do this project?

L.P.C.: DRYLAND is my most personal film to date. A few years back, my mother suddenly became depressed and attempted suicide. I have two other suicides in my family. This provided a big source of inspiration to me and my American co-writer Anne Metcalf. I would like my future work to continue to marry the personal, the emotional side with my more humorous view on life.

NYIHA MEDIA’s own Dr. Steeve Coupeau sits down with Karina Kiseleva to discuss her film's screening, Katyusha, at New York City International Film Festival in NY 2016.

SC: What inspires you to do this project?

K.K: Abuse is a serious issue, and I know plenty of women who go through it without voicing their struggle. I departed from the lot with my character, Katyusha, a woman who is never victimized. I just wanted the audience to understand her. 

SC: Can you talk about selection of your cast and crew and/or your interviewees?

K.K: What I mainly scouted for in the female lead, was the eyes, I wanted the eyes to speak for themselves. But I ended up playing Katyusha myself which was a huge challenge. I must say Marcel Beck, my cinematographer, and the rest of the crew were amazing.




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