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Dr. Steeve Coupeau Sits Down with Minos Papas, Director of Tango on the Balcony, Official Selection Big Apple Film Festival 2016, November 17, 2016

Where does your artistic influence come from and when did you start this project?

About 4 years ago, I discovered the dire epidemic of untreated PTSD and moral injury that exists among post-9/11 veterans. Not only were the veteran suicide figures staggering, but at the time, there was very little awareness about this issue among civilians.

How would you describe your personal directing style?

I am interested in the human mind. Why do we do the things we do? Many of the characters in my films share the common theme of isolation. They are outsiders. I think in many ways I have felt that way in my life, in the places I’ve lived and often in the company I’ve kept. But I am also increasingly interested in socially relevant stories. I believe that artists and filmmakers specifically must tell stories that are relevant to our time, stories that can help improve the dialogue surrounding the problems of contemporary humanity - the stories of the tribe. This way we can all contribute in small ways to improvements in the world. It’s a social responsibility. Art for arts’ sake is simply entertainment.

Immigrant Communities Brace for Trump by David Bacon, 27 November 2016

The state of Nebraska went red on Election Day, voting for Donald Trump and the Republican ticket, but working-class Omaha, Nebraska's largest city, went blue, voting for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Clinton won urban Omaha-Douglas County-by 3,000 votes, but lost the city's electoral vote. In 2010, redistricting had joined Omaha to the wealthier suburbs of Sarpy County, delivering Trump a 12,000-vote advantage this year. Incumbent Democratic House member Brad Ashford lost his seat to Republican Don Bacon on November 8 for the same reason.

Nevertheless, all 18 precincts of Ward 4 voted against Trump by a two-to-one margin, thanks to years of patient organizing by the immigrant Mexican community of South Omaha. African American North Omaha voted solidly against Trump as well. "We have built institutions in which immigrants are winning power in the middle of a corporate culture," says Sergio Sosa, director of Nebraska's Heartland Workers Center. He describes a 20-year history of community and workplace
organizing. "For eight years, we've fought deportations under President Obama, while building a precinct-by-precinct power base."


A Mobile App to Advance SDGs, 21 September 2016

In collaboration with partners, the United Nations has launched a mobile application to provide a global forum for industry, governments and individual citizens to collectively realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

 “What is special about this app, is that it connects people and activists who want to make a difference in this world,” says Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information (DPI) Cristina Gallach at the launch.

Collaborating with the Groupe Spécial Mobile (GSMA), which represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, and non-profit global campaign Project Everyone, the UN created the Action app, which also includes associated SDG targets, explanatory videos, key data, and suggestions on how people can take action to help achieve them.


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Immigrants and others protest in front of Oakland City Hall the evening after Election Day.

Donald Trump promised to deport two million "criminal illegal immigrants" in his first 100 days in office. Immigrants and their allies are already organizing, protesting, and defending "sanctuary cities."








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