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The Scorsese Retrospective at the Museum of the Moving Image by Dr. Steeve Coupeau, 31 January 2017.

Photo Credit: Museum of the Moving Image.

As part of the Martin Scorsese Retrospective, I attended the screening of New York, New York. Directed by Martin Scorsese in 1977, this feature film which was shot in 35mm featured Robert De Niro and Liza Minnelli. This is a classic musical combining the grandiosity of 1940s big band jazz with realistic portrayals of 2 emerging artists trying to balance their artistic and personal lives.

What Trump Can and Cannot Do to Immigrants by David Bacon, 1/24/17

During the election campaign, candidate Donald Trump pledged in his “100-day action plan to Make America Great Again” to “begin removing the more than two million criminal illegal immigrants from the country” on his first day in office. In speeches, he further promised to eventually force all undocumented people (estimated at 11 million) to leave.

Both deportations and workplace firings face a basic obstacle—the immigrant workforce is a source of immense profit to employers. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that, of the presumed 11 million people in the country without documents, about 8 million are employed (comprising over 5% of all workers). Most earn close to the minimum wage (some far less), and are clustered in low-wage industries.  

Trump further announced that on his first day in office he will “cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities.” More than 300 cities in the United States have adopted policies saying that they will not arrest and prosecute people solely for being undocumented. As attorney general, Sessions can be expected to try to enforce this demand. After the election, many city and some state governments and elected officials were quick to announce that they would not be intimidated.


This Former 'Agarbatti' Seller Is Now A Film Star In Latin America! By Kunal Anand 1/2/17

Prabhakar Sharan looks like a poor man's version of Hrithik Roshan, and he might be the next best thing for Costa Rica, where he's bringing a Bollywood-style movie. The 37-year-old plays the lead in Latin American 'Enredados: La Confusion' ('Entangled: The Confusion'). His co-stars are Costa Rican TV host Nancy Dobles and popular local actor Mario Chacon. The Bollywood film releases next month, featuring a Bollywood style song-and-dance sequence or two.

On the Taxi Driver Set

Photo Credit: Museum of the Moving Image.



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Photo Credit: David Bacon








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