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Pope Francis Supports Global Zero, 26 September 2015  

Guatemalan Spring Forced U.S.-backed Otto Pérez Molina to Step Down by Sarah Lazarre,6 September 2015


The pope is in the US this week. While he is here, the Pope is speaking out forcefully for the elimination of nuclear weapons. The Vatican has a long history of standing against the spread of nuclear weapons. But this is the first time a pope has come out in support of the total elimination of nukes worldwide – “global zero.”
These weapons pose one of the gravest humanitarian threats of our time. The risk that they’ll be used – to devastating effect on human life and the planet – is rising.

We can’t afford to keep rolling the dice. Our only option is zero – the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons, everywhere. And today, Pope Francis affirmed his commitment to global zero.

School of the Americas-trained Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina, who oversaw acts of torture and genocide during the country’s decades-long civil war, stepped down just before midnight Wednesday disgraced by unprecedented corruption charges.

Pérez Molina (pictured below) tendered his resignation just one day after Guatemala’s Congress voted to strip him of immunity from prosecution for corruption, which includes fraud, receipt of bribe money, and a customs fraud scheme. His downfall follows that of numerous other government officials, including Guatemala's former vice president, who is currently 

incarcerated as she awaits trial.

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