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Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Sherief Elkatsha, Director of Cairo Drive, 18 November 2014

Is this your first film? Are there any directors who shaped your vision for this film?

This is officially my 3rd directorial film – and was the cinematographer for a 4th film.  My first film was called “Butts Out” – about people trying to quit smoking cigarettes, 2nd “Egypt: We Are Watching You” – about activist group Shayfeen.com during the 2005 elections, and was the cinematographer for “Cairo Garbage”, as part of “Cities on Speed.” I am inspired by most films I see, whether I like them or not.  I think I learned a lot from Danish director Mikala Krogh and Egyptian director Ibrahim El Batout – who both spent time to teach and inspire me. 

Are driving conditions depicted in Cairo similar to other parts of Egypt?

Driving in Egypt is hectic all over – for different reasons.  Most fatalities happen on the roads outside of Cairo.  I wanted to focus on Cairo, as it’s the most populated and the ‘heartbeat’ of Egypt. 

Do you have plans to show the film in Egypt?

The film was screened as part of the Ismailaia film festival last June.  There have been a number of informal screenings.  And am currently in discussion to have film show for a limited run in a ‘art house’ theater.

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Palestine’s accession to the Rome Statute and other international instruments By Nicolas Boeglin 11 January 2015

Pursuant to Rule 4(2) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, a declaration under article 12(3) of the Rome Statute has the effect of the acceptance of jurisdiction with respect to the crimes referred to in article 5 of the Statute of relevance to the situation, as well as the application of the provisions of Part 9 of the Statute and any rules thereunder concerning to States Parties. I hereby accept the declaration and I have transmitted it to the Prosecutor for her consideration. This acceptance is without prejudice to any prosecutorial or judicial determinations on this matter”.

In August 2014, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda explained in an article published in The Guardian her position with respect to the lack of jurisdiction of ICC on crimes committed in Gaza (see article). It must be recalled that on January 21st, 2009, Palestine sent a similar declaration to the ICC in these terms: « the Government of Palestine recognizes the jurisdiction of the Court for the purpose of identifying, prosecuting and judging the authors and accomplices of acts committed on the territory of Palestine since July 2002 ».  A selected group of experts in international law considered in 2010 that this declaration made in January 2009 allowed the ICC to exercise its jurisdiction on acts committed in Gaza (see collective document entitled: “Les effets de la reconnaissance par la Palestine de la compétence de la CPI”): the declaration made in 2009 by Palestine to the ICC provoked an intense exercise among legal experts, some of them opposing, others supporting Palestinian initiative (see summary of submissions sent to ICC available here). After three long years, the Prosecutor Office, in his decision of April 3rd 2012, Prosecutor Office concluded that: “The Office could in the future consider allegations of crimes committed in Palestine, should competent organs of the United Nations or eventually the Assembly of States Parties resolve the legal issue relevant to an assessment of article 12 or should the Security Council, in accordance with article 13(b), make a referral providing jurisdiction”.


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