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Northside Festival Celebrated Its Seventh Year of Bands, Innovators and Filmmakers showcasing what’s next! 6/15/15

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – June 15, 2015 – Over 100,000 cultural trendsetters attended the seventh annual Northside Festival from June 8-14 in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, looking to discover what’s next in Music, Innovation and Film. Northside Festival delivered on its promise through a celebration of buzzing bands, startups, entrepreneurs and leaders in technology and innovation, and rising independent filmmakers.
Northside Innovation had its biggest year yet, and over two days fostered discussion around entrepreneurship, technology, content creation and design:

  • Dell and Intel continued their Northside partnership at Brooklyn Brewery with the opening night kickoff party, interactive panels, and innovative technology demos – all focused around Dell’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurial success and growth. Dell garnered petition signatures for their global campaign, #entrepreneursUNite which will pave the way for a billion new jobs by advocating for the number one creator of new jobs: entrepreneurs. Festival-goers and hopeful entrepreneurs lined up for a chance to step inside the MasterCard “Priceless Elevator” in McCarren Park and pitch their product or service, making the judges’ jobs quite a challenge as to which one contestant should win the grand prize. All entrants had 60 seconds to pitch a new business idea in order to win $15,000. Christine Souffrant was chosen as the winner, for her idea to help international street vendors.The launch of Kite, a mobile app for reading and sharing news and other written content.
  • Countless other stimulating talks, panels, events and parties with speakers including Tina Roth Eisenberg (“swissmiss”), Carl Honore (Slow Movement), Maxwell Ryan (Apartment Therapy), Oliver Luckett (theAudience), Roger Lynch (Sling TV) and many more.
Photo Credit: Northside

usic lovers from far and wide flocked to McCarren Park, Brooklyn Live at the Inlet (at 50 Kent Avenue), and 25+ indoor clubs to check out the most talked about bands during Northside Music, including the return of Luna from a decade-long hiatus, Run the Jewels, with a surprise special guest performance by Nas, Built to Spill, Against Me!, Sleigh Bells, The Very Best, Heems, Best Coast, Neko Case, Ex Hex, Girl Band, Viet Cong and 400 more.
Northside Film kicked off the festival with a celebration of promising indie filmmakers – Grand Jury Winners include “Monica” (Episodics) and “Tired Moonlight” (Best Feature), with “Hardbat” taking home the Audience Award.

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Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Kathleen Davison, Director of Effloresce, 6/2/15

Steeve: Did you meet any particular challenge when conducting research for the film?

Kathleen: There was no problem conducting research for the film because so much of it came directly from me. The harder sell was for the audience to allow that anyone would undertake the challenge that my leading lady, Amelia, does. I can always defend that SOMEONE would, because I DID in my own life. And I firmly believe that movies and stories should be saved for exceptional moments and life choices. We have plenty of average and mundane in our lives, we go to the movies to escape and experience something less ordinary, but still relatable.

Photo Credit: Shari Belafonte

Steeve: You have some well-known actors in your film. Can you talk about casting and selection of the lead characters?

Kathleen: Our casting shifted at the last-minute. We had cast a feature film celebrity male lead and a female lead who was a well-known soap actress in the original cast. The male celebrity booked a television pilot in the final hour that conflicted with our shoot dates. I had two exceptional actors in my back pocket, one of whom was a best friend since college, Curtis Mark Williams. I decided to go with Curt (CSI Miami, Law and Order, The O.C.), and then it seemed to make more sense for me to play opposite him. We had worked together before on stage and I knew that I could trust our chemistry. But I had not anticipated starring in my directorial debut and because the film moves very quickly through time, my poor crew worked tirelessly to get me through hair, make-up, and wardrobe changes – often having to work on me while I was on set directing other actors. It was trial by fire for my 1st assistant director, James Roland (Weeds, Mad Men). Everyone did a great job. One of our favorite bits of casting trivia is claiming Buster Keaton’s great granddaughter in our ranks – Keaton Talmadge, who plays “Bobbi,” the loveable lying lesbian. You can catch all of our actors in other films, television shows, and on stage. Curtis Mark Williams (Lazlo) and I (Amelia) are currently starring in the feature film, Primrose Lane, which continues as the episodic series, The Passage. Tegan Ashton Cohen (Kate) is currently starring in the feature film, Odd Brodsky. And Melinda Milton is currently starring in the feature film, Lilin's Brood.

Steeve: What are your future plans for this project?

Kathleen: We were very fortunate to have distribution offers prior to the film’s release for the festival circuit. We’re waiting to the end of our festival run to commit, but we have the opportunity to air on the Shorts HD cable channel and we also have an episodic television deal in development. We’ll spend the course of our festival run courting additional options.

Please follow Effloresce on Facebook and Twitter and please also follow along with Kathleen Davison on Facebook and Twitter as well as Painted Saint Ent.

Photo Credit: Shari Belafonte

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Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Karim Ouaret, Director of Lapsus, 5/23/15

Steeve: You have some well-known actors in your film. Can you talk about casting and selection of the lead characters?

Karim: Concerning the cast, I was looking for actors with CHARACTER Face on website french agents.
Then I sent an email to all agents in France but Zero response. Because unfortunately agents don’t care about indie short film… So i found and have contacted all my actors I would like on Facebook ;) 
I sent them my music video reel, the synopsis of LAPSUS and they all told me YES ! 

I did not need to make them passed a casting. I cannot explain but I knew that it was them. And I was right ;)

Steeve:What are your future plans for this project? 

Karim: Actually, I’m working on the screenplay of my 1st Feature Film « Exceptions » , a Futuristic Thriller about Genetic.