Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Karim Ouaret, Director of Lapsus, 5/23/15


Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Kathleen Davison, Director of Effloresce, 6/2/15

Steeve: You have some well-known actors in your film. Can you talk about casting and selection of the lead characters?

Karim: Concerning the cast, I was looking for actors with CHARACTER Face on website french agents.
Then I sent an email to all agents in France but Zero response. Because unfortunately agents don’t care about indie short film… So i found and have contacted all my actors I would like on Facebook ;) 

I sent them my music video reel, the synopsis of LAPSUS and they all told me YES ! 

Steeve: Did you meet any particular challenge when conducting research for the film?

Kathleen: There was no problem conducting research for the film because so much of it came directly from me. The harder sell was for the audience to allow that anyone would undertake the challenge that my leading lady, Amelia, does. I can always defend that SOMEONE would, because I DID in my own life. And I firmly believe that movies and stories should be saved for exceptional moments and life choices.


Photo Credit: Shari Belafonte

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