Independent perspectives on Turkey by TFF Associates 7/30/16

'Crossing Boundaries: A Must See Show' by Dr. Steeve Coupeau, 8/21/16

Then it falls apart in some kind of strange coup and in 5 days about 60,000 people are purged or arrested, 2300 institutions closed down. It’s one-man rule by decree.

More troubles and violence can be expected down the road. Who will be put in all these people’s place?

But no particular outcry, some ‘worries’ expressed but mostly endorsement of the dictatorial leader. Imagine the headlines and the words Western politicians and human-rights cheerleaders would speak if it had been Russia or Iran. No mention of suspension from NATO, or of sanctions.

So of course, it’s stability and militarism before human rights, democracy and freedom. Particularly when a lot is at stake and the strongman is our strongman.

Or perhaps not so much longer?


 NICE by Mustapha Matura (set in the early seventies) is a funny, deeply ironic story of a recent immigrant to England relaying his experience of what he perceives to be "British hypocrisy”. He learns too late that what seems to be a free ride can quickly turn into a toll road. DUELING VOICES by Zeno Obi Constance is the author’s most popular play.

It tells the story of teenagers in an unsupervised classroom who play a game of connecting random statements about school to pass the time. This inevitably leads to the topic of sex between male teachers and their female students, and the complicated ways in which these relationships are formed and play out.



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