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Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Sherief Elkatsha, Director of Cairo Drive, 18 November 2014

Is this your first film? Are there any directors who shaped your vision for this film?

This is officially my 3rd directorial film – and was the cinematographer for a 4th film.  My first film was called “Butts Out” – about people trying to quit smoking cigarettes, 2nd “Egypt: We Are Watching You” – about activist group Shayfeen.com during the 2005 elections, and was the cinematographer for “Cairo Garbage”, as part of “Cities on Speed.” I am inspired by most films I see, whether I like them or not.  I think I learned a lot from Danish director Mikala Krogh and Egyptian director Ibrahim El Batout – who both spent time to teach and inspire me. 

Are driving conditions depicted in Cairo similar to other parts of Egypt?

Driving in Egypt is hectic all over – for different reasons.  Most fatalities happen on the roads outside of Cairo.  I wanted to focus on Cairo, as it’s the most populated and the ‘heartbeat’ of Egypt. 

Do you have plans to show the film in Egypt?

The film was screened as part of the Ismailaia film festival last June.  There have been a number of informal screenings.  And am currently in discussion to have film show for a limited run in a ‘art house’ theater.

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Celebration of 20 years of South African Democracy at Carnegie Hall: A Magical Night by Dr. Steeve Coupeau 15 October 2014

This team of master artists delivered a Kaleidoscope of old and new South African sounds to accompany stories about the struggle for freedom in South Africa. Hugh’s mastery of the trumpet is was simply unquestionable but that night he revealed himself as a story teller. He told stories of migrants traveling long distances to come to work 16 hours a day in the mines of Johannesburg. He shared untold stories of everyday resistance to apartheid. In his words: ‘We lived our lives trying to beat the system.’ While thanking New York for its support to Apartheid, he injected humorous songs and anecdotes that pleased the crowd as elicited by clapping hands and outbursts of joy and excitement. After all, Ubuntu is all about love.

Hugh Masekela and Somi


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2014 CUNY Young African Leadership Conference, Oct. 10-12

You are invited to attend the 2014 CUNY Young African Leadership Conference, Oct. 10-12.   This year’s symposium theme is “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”.  The program will include a core of  prominent speakers, key panel discussions, important conversations and numerous opportunities for networking.

Conference Overview:Friday, October 10th (6:00pm)- (Reception & Networking) Entrepreneurs interested in presenting a business idea that seeks to be of positive influence on continent of Africa, will be offered an opportunity to present their initiative. Submit your pitch at here.

Saturday, October 11th (8am)
- (Open dialogue, Guest speakers, and panel discussions) YAL has a jam-packed program of open dialogue focused on the guiding questions surrounding the symposium’s theme; listen to perspectives from influential guest speakers such as Sophia Bekele, H.E. Tete Antonio, Prof. George Magoha, along with others; robust stream of panelist comprised of prominent African leaders and organizations.    

Registration & More Information  http://www.2014yals.info/