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Steeve Coupeau

Steeve Coupeau carefully balances his academic life and civic engagement. He brings together scholarship, pedagogical practice, and civic engagement in ways that make him a dynamic instructor, an exciting scholar and an inspiring advocate.

Coupeau is a seasoned expert who is well­known and respected for his considerable work on culture and diversity. He strives to increase representation of diverse voices in entertainment while defining what it means to lead with integrity.

Capability Statement

To address the increasing demand for exclusive stories from verified sources, Mr. Coupeau helps build a community of reporters, photographers and filmmakers to raise further awareness about human rights issues. Instead of paid ads, we promote our brand using only content.

His skills include: 1) Advertising copywriting; 2) Landing page copywriting and 3) Social media copywriting.

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Writer: Dr. Nader VAHABI


Dr. Nader VAHABI

Sociologist at LISST, University of Toulouse, at Jean-Jaures and at EHESS (Cadis) in Paris, Nader VAHABI broadens his field of study on migratory flows coming from the Middle East with an original angle of attack: "the pathology of modernism". His latest work “The 2015 refugee reception crisis, a pathology of modernism” is now available at L’Harmattan, Paris.


Our Volunteer

Val Murray

We have built an incredibly talented team. Val Murray serves as a volunteer researcher based in New York City. She has deep expertise in collecting data while developing and maintaining relationships with partners. She supports all aspects of engagement and growth of NYIHA MEDIA's community of allies in support of our mission.