An exclusive Interview with Olivia, Director of ‘Away from Meaning’ featured at Havana Film Festival in NY, 4/29/19


Can you tell us about your artistic influences and the journey to get your film to Havana Film Festival in NY?

In the tour where we had the opportunity to show the film, we discovered a lot of Latin American cinema, was the case of HFFNY, where besides seeing an incredible selection of Latin movies, we had the opportunity Odin Acosta, the producer and sound designer, and I, to meet and also meet with other Latino filmmakers and it has been very beautiful and inspiring. The documentary was an official selection in:

–Guadalajara International Film Festival FICG33
–Lima Film Festival
–AFI LatinAmerican Film Festival DocsMX
–Morelia International Film Festival
–Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles
–Pacific Film Festival (special mention)
–American Documentary Film Festival
–DocsPuebla (Audience Award)
–Havana Film Festival in NY (Best Documentary)

Where can interested parties get information on upcoming screenings?

You can follow us on social media. On twitter, Facebook and Instagram as LejosdelSentido and also through our websites or


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Writer: Dr. Nader VAHABI


Dr. Nader VAHABI

Sociologist at LISST, University of Toulouse, at Jean-Jaures and at EHESS (Cadis) in Paris, Nader VAHABI broadens his field of study on migratory flows coming from the Middle East with an original angle of attack: "the pathology of modernism". His latest work “The 2015 refugee reception crisis, a pathology of modernism” is now available at L’Harmattan, Paris.


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Court Verdict in Saget v. Trump is in, 4/17/19

TPS for Haitians

Who it applies to: In an unusual step, the Court required not just DHS, but President Trump and the White House to obey the law on TPS.

Like most social justice victories, the Saget case proved the adage men anpil, chay pa lou : many hands makes the load light. The individual plaintiffs’ courageous, compelling and sometimes heartbreaking testimony proved how much the 50,000+ TPS holders contribute to their communities in the U.S. and what they have to lose by deportation.

Organizational plaintiffs Fanm and Haiti Liberte explained how ending TPS would hurt the community. The legal team, led by IJDH founder and long-time Board Chair Ira Kurzban, and including the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers’ Guild and Mayer, Brown P.C. presented an overwhelmingly strong case. IJDH was privileged to support the effort by locating plaintiffs, coordinating media advocacy and providing expert testimony at trial.


Haiti's long and turbulent history is documented in this comprehensive reference volume, ideal for high school students, undergrads, and general readers.


“Quick and valuable reference material, such as a timeline of historical events and a synopsis of notable people in the country’s history”. Review of History of Haiti in Multicultural Education.

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