Mexican president López Obrador has a woman problem by Luis Gómez Romero and María de la Macarena Iribarne González for the Conversation 13 July 2019

Sustainable Development

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According to a 2017 government evaluation, the daycare network had relieved 1,825,394 parents of childcare duties for 34 hours a week over the past decade. A significant percentage of the communities served by the daycare network were either very poor or home to a predominately indigenous population, according to the U.N., and women were the primary beneficiaries.

After Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission ruled that ending the daycare program violated the constitutional rights of Mexican women and children, a government official sought to discredit the independent government agency as a partisan entity.

Deputy Secretary of Human Development Ariadna Montiel Reyes called the organization’s position an “unacceptable aberration” orchestrated by López Obrador’s political opponents and accused the commission of complicity with “ atrocities” committed by previous administrations. This is the first time the Mexican federal government has challenged the legitimacy of the human rights commission since its creation as a government watchdog in 1992.


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Writer: Dr. Nader VAHABI


Dr. Nader VAHABI

Sociologist at LISST, University of Toulouse, at Jean-Jaures and at EHESS (Cadis) in Paris, Nader VAHABI broadens his field of study on migratory flows coming from the Middle East with an original angle of attack: "the pathology of modernism". His latest work “The 2015 refugee reception crisis, a pathology of modernism” is now available at L’Harmattan, Paris.


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Erdoğan’s control over Turkey is ending – what comes next? By Gary M. Grossman for The Conversation 7/20/19


Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu of the main opposition Republican People’s Party. REUTERS/Kemal Aslan

What now for Erdoğan, Turkey?

Erdoğan's autocratic past behavior – jailing lawmakers, political dissidents, journalists – clearly suggests he will make the erosion of his power painful for Turkey. Erdoğan's popularity has always been tenuous. In both presidential races, including his most recent in 2018, Erdoğan didn’t exceed 52.5% of the vote. The AKP in the parallel parliamentary election happening at the same time in June 2018 fell short of Erdoğan’s share. This suggests AKP is far less popular than he is.

Whether or how quickly the end for Erdoğan may come will be determined by how united the opposition remains. It is also possible a new political party will emerge, created by former allies of Erdoğan who said their current party under his leadership “caused a serious slide in rhetoric, actions, morals and politics.”

Overall, the aura of Erdoğan’s invincibility seems to be dissipating and Turkey appears to be nearing the day that the transfer of power is viewed as a normal and nonexceptional part of political life. When that day comes, Turkey will have become the democracy that was intended in the revolution of 1923.

A version of this article was published on the 7/19/2019 edition of the Conversation

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