Resilience better than deterrence in managing cyber incidents by by Johan Turell, Fei Su and Dr Vincent Boulanin for SIPRI 10/4/20

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Cyber security tends to be dominated by defense and intelligence thinking. However, strategies based on deterring cyberattacks do little to prevent cyber incidents caused by system failures, human error or physical accidents. The strategies should be broader and should focus on building robustness and resilience, the authors argue.

‘In the cyber domain, network segmentation, back-ups and redundancy systems are all examples of measures that may mitigate the risks of both cyberattacks and IT-management mistakes,’ says lead author Johan Turell, Senior Analyst at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

In short, we need to think of cyber incident management in terms of building protections against a broad range of threats, only some of them antagonistic. We should focus on making sure that critical infrastructure can withstand pressure, no matter what causes it.

The 'real American story' about racial justice by Kasmira Jefford for Geneva Solutions 10/25/20

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Photo Credit: Rog and Bee Walker for EJI

Already a well­known figure, he moved further into the spotlight in 2012 with his widely circulated TED talk followed by the release of his memoir “Just Mercy”, now a feature film starring Michael B Jordan.

In 2018, Stevenson opened the nation's first museum and memorial dedicated to the legacy of enslaved Black people and to the thousands of victims of lynching after his team of researchers at EJI spent years going through court records and documenting lynching of the 20th century.

To add to his long list of accolades, Stevenson was recently named one of the four winners of the 2020 Right Livelihood Award, also known as Sweden's alternative Nobel prize. Headquartered in Stockholm, the foundation does much of advocacy work out of its Geneva office supporting laureates like Stevenson in having their issues heard at UN sessions.


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