France must end impunity for racially charged police violence by UNPA, 3/28/21

France, Impunity

Photo Credit: UNPA.

The statement denounced the 'judicial delays, repeated dismissal or dismissal of cases, and even judicial harassment against victims of such violence, their relatives and their defenders.' Indeed, there are few cases where police officers who commit violence and/or other racist behaviors are sanctioned. When such sanctions are imposed, they fall far short of the right to effective remedy in line with international standards.

Referring to the case of her brother Amine, who was shot dead in the back, Amal Bentounsi pointed out that the police officer, although convicted, had only been given a short and suspended 5–year imprisonment sentence. No disciplinary sanction has been imposed against him to date. The statement recalled that this is just one of countless cases of fatal violence for which the families of victims have not received justice, many of them still awaiting trial after several years.

How anti­Asian racism likely played role in Atlanta killings by Pawan Dhingra for The Conversation, 3/21/21

anti-Asian racism, Atlanta

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Over the past year, attacks on Asian Americans have increased more than 150% over the previous year, including the March 16 murders of eight people, including six Asian American women, in Atlanta.

Some of these attacks may be classified as hate crimes. But whether they meet that legal definition or not, they all fit a long history of viewing Asian Americans in particular ways that make discrimination and violence against them more likely.


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