Dear future children, 'a film about young activists made by young filmmakers' by Michelle Langrand for Geneva Solutions 3/7/21

Children, Rayen

Film still of Rayen, one of the protagonists of Dear Future Children.

In another scene, we see Rayen blankly staring at flyers of the fallen victims of Chile’s 2019 protests. “I don’t want to be the next one on this wall”, she says. The camera later on is pointed at Pepper as she crouches down with other protesters hiding behind their umbrellas as shots are heard in the distance in the streets of Hong Kong.

The German—British—Austrian documentary Dear Future Children depicts the hopes and dreams, but also the fears and doubts of three female activists, fighting to change the world.

The director, Franz Böhm, was only 13 years old when he started making films. From the first day he walked on a set, he knew that he wanted “to shape the film industry with the values of my generation”. As his latest film makes its international premiere at the International Film Festival and Forum of Human Rights (FIFDH) this Friday, he tells us about a generation that wants a seat at the table.

'Why we in Panama stand ready to lead global efforts on ocean conservation' by Milciades Concepción, 2/20/2021

Panama, Environment

Milciades Concepción is the minister of the environment for Panama

In Panama, we can describe firsthand the concrete impact of a warming climate and rising sea levels. Escalating global temperatures are raising the risk of islands and our coast being lost to the sea. As temperatures and emissions have increased, so too have ocean acidification, saltwater intrusion, coastal erosion and sea levels, causing cascading consequences for Panama's resource‐rich marine coastlines.

For many years, climate change was seen as a theoretical, distant problem with vague consequences. Even as experts painted a doomsday picture of a future half a century away, societies failed to find the urgency and common will to respond, getting increasingly comfortable with inaction.


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