10,000 People a Day Must be Freed to End Slavery by 2030 by IPS, 09/30/19


People in the informal sector, which represents 90 percent of the workforce in developing countries, are at higher risk of being exploited or enslaved, Bhoola added. “By 2030, some 85 percent of the more than 25 million young people entering the labour force globally will be in developing and emerging countries. Their perspectives to access jobs offering decent work will determine their level of vulnerability to exploitation, including slavery,” Bhoola said.

The figures she presented were a “wake-up call” for countries to prepare themselves to tackle slavery more effectively as “10,000 would need to be freed each day if we are to eradicate contemporary forms of slavery by 2030,” she added quoting recent figures from the NGO Walk Free.

Bhoola said that some States had already elected to exclude from public contracts suppliers whose supply chain presented risks of slavery. Other Governments were using anti-money laundering systems to encourage companies to prevent proceeds of slavery from entering the financial system.

The expert regretted, however, that efforts to end slavery had been insufficient. She pointed out that convictions against perpetrators and their risk to face justice remain minimal.

Brazil: An Interview about Marielle Franco’s Enduring Legacy by Anielle Franco for Open Society Latin America Program, 8/5/19

Women, Brazil

Photo Credit: Open Society

What motivates you?

I'm determined to inspire a new generation of leaders, letting others with a similar background as Marielle's know that they matter and that they should take advantage of all opportunities they can find to raise their voices. I believe, and Marielle believed, that this can really create change.

The idea to relaunch Papo Franco after Marielle's assassination actually emerged from conversations within my family, where we realized we had a responsibility to combat misinformation and inaccurate news reports about who Marielle was in order to preserve her memory.

Her critics and detractors pushed stories after her death, and especially during last year's presidential election, that misrepresented my sister and sought to diminish her. This felt like a second blow to the family. First, they take her life and, now, they want to take her memory. We could not stand for that. We wanted to take action so that we could set the record straight and continue building on Marielle’s work to empower a new generation of Marielles.

I am working to get Papo Franco online to reach a wider audience of disenfranchised, marginalized people, particularly black women from favelas, and empower them to get engaged in advocacy—whether that means raising awareness of issues they care about to better understanding their local political environment or running for office themselves. The idea is to take Papo Franco to many places, to other Brazilian favelas outside of Rio de Janeiro and maybe even outside of Brazil, where people would never know the story of Marielle Franco.

“A long overdue modicum of justice”: Firing Eric Garner's killer is not enough by Common Dreams 8/26/19


Garner’s daughter Emerald spoke shortly after the announcement.

“We will be going for congressional hearings, we will be trying to re-open the case, we will be going after the rest of the officers involved, because it's not over,” Garner said. “I don’t want another Eric Garner. I will do everything in my power to never see another Eric Garner.” The family is fighting for the passage of the Eric Garner Law, she added, which would ensure the NYPD never uses chokeholds and that officers are held accountable for civil rights violations.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tweeted that Pantaleo’s firing is “not enough” and highlighted ways in which he would reform the criminal justice system—mandating criminal liability for all civil rights violations resulting from police misconduct, directing the U.S. Justice Department to investigate all deaths caused by police officers, and ending practices like stop-and-frisk and “broken windows” policing.

Stepping Up: Refugee Education in Crisis by UNHCR, 9/8/2019

Refugee, Youth

Hina Shikhani, 21, an Afghan refugee, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Peshawar in Pakistan. © UNHCR/Gordon Welters

“We need to invest in refugee education or pay the price of a generation of children condemned to grow up unable to live independently, find work and be full contributors to their communities,” said Grandi.

The secondary school initiative will target the construction and refurbishment of schools, teacher training, and giving financial support to refugee families so that they can cover the expenses of sending their children to school.

This year's report also calls for refugees to be included in national education systems instead of being corralled into unofficial parallel schools, and to be allowed to follow a formal, recognized curriculum all the way through pre-primary, primary and secondary school. This will give them the recognized qualifications that can be their springboard to university or higher vocational training.


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