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Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Lydia Fiore and Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Directors & Producers of "Swiped Right" 2/27/2018

How did you get into contact with the lead characters?

The cast came together fairly easily with only a few baby bumps. Dana and Lydia discussed the characters and cast from actors they had worked with or wanted to work with. The cast consisted of 5 characters, 2 of which, Sofia (Dana Marisa Schoenfled) and Ava (Lydia Fiore) were cast before finding the rest of the actors. Dana felt Anthony Grasso would be perfect for the male lead – Angelo, but Anthony was bit hesitant to do comedy and didn’t want his character to be a typical Italian guy. He and Dana had a few in-depth discussions and a more 3 dimensional character was created. By giving Angelo some depth, his sister Joanna’s (Stephanie Weppler) character was added. Stephanie is a fantastic actor and has worked with Dana on numerous projects. Vivian (Kisha Barr) is the "straight man" of the cast and the one who is most "normal". The waiter and our music composer (Vin Scialla) another one of Dana’s alumnis, rounded out the cast with his ease and comedic timing.



Directed by Robert Joseph Butler, WITHIN depicts Jacob —a hopeless Detroit romantic looking for love in the digital era. Jacob cannot seem to get anything right whether at work or his private life. In the end, a brief encounter with a stranger visiting Detroit may ultimately allow Jacob to discover a renewed purpose in life.

St. Lucia's Jade Mountain Launches Chocolate Stout

"Innovative thinking runs in Nick Troubetzkoy's veins. One visit to Jade Mountain will reinforce this point. We worked closely with the team at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet to develop an equally revolutionary beer," said Andrew Hashey, Antillia's founder and CEO. "The use of the resorts' own chocolate ties this beer to the organic architecture of the place and to the history of the family that has created it."

"It has proven to be a wonderful collaboration, resulting in yet another distinctive and unique offering for our savvy guests who appreciate the goodness of stout and the sweet, global history of chocolate," said Karolin Troubetzkoy, Executive Director of the resorts.

With an alcoholic volume of eight percent, Nick Troubetzkoy's Imperial Chocolate Stout is deep, aromatic, balanced and flavorful in the time-honored tradition of Russian imperial stouts.


ITB Berlin: Supporting Israeli Tourism Industry is Supporting Apartheid By Juergen T Steinmetz

Directed by Georgina Barreiro, Icaros “The Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) offers all people of conscience to act in solidarity with the victims of Israeli apartheid. With each passing day that Palestinians are imprisoned behind a 700 km separation wall, their lands and livelihoods are stolen by illegal settlements. Israel’s tourism industry props up this systematic oppression. Your cooperation with Israel directly assists in destroying the homes, lives, and dignity of the Palestinian people. It deprives them of their right to life and freedom.”

In mids, two people holding up an Israeli flag responded voicing their support of Israel.


When you taste Musetti, you savor the flavor of refined expresso or Moka. Our Musetti Lattina is unriveled in quality to satisfy even the most refined palate.


SKU: LATTINCAN1000 Product Name: Musetti Lattina | 100% Arabica | Net Weight: 8.8oz.

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