SKU: LATTINCAN1000 Product Name: Musetti Lattina | 100% Arabica Can. | Net Weight: 8.8oz. | Save $1.50 with a purchase of 6 cans.

When you taste Musetti, you savor the flavor of refined expresso or Moka. Our Musetti Lattina is unriveled in quality to satisfy even the most refined palate. Order online at:

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SKU: RIDLIGHT1000 Product Name: Venezia Ridolfo Coffee.| Net Weight: 8.8oz. | Regular Price: $9 | Discount Price: $7.50. | Save $1.50 with a purchase of 6 bags.

From Ethiopia, the land that produces the beans we love the most, Venezia Ridolfo is a blend of 5 Arabica coffees that complete each other in an elegant harmony, a feast of aromas.


Venezia leandro is a bold and rich coffee which is full body. It is prepared at the Italian toast level to boost flavor. Creamy and intense, Lendro leans a pleasant aftertaste. It is really shocking to know that the reality of Cuba is little known to the world. It is not easy to appreciate freedom until you don't have it. We are pleased of the success of this project and public response received so far.



Musetti Select Coffee Beans produces a coffee blend prepared especially for expresso machines. It contains the finest ingredients for the original Italian expresso. It satisfies an extremely wide range of tastes and needs.

SKU: SELECT F22E Product Name: Musetti Select Coffee Beans. Net Weight: 2.2 lbs. Price: $25 plus shipping and handling. This coffee is certified fair trade and organic


Parmionie is a pure parmesan oven-baked cheese snack. This 5 star product is genuine, light and crunchy. Price: $4.



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