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NYIHATV is a channel of award-winning content. Connecting viewers with their heritage and culture is at the heart of our brand promise. We drive purchase intent while helping users find the world's most compelling products. Feel free to watch global contents on a variety of platforms, with no subscription or commitment required. It doesn't get better than this!

NYIHA MEDIA, which is safe and secure, is a diverse suite of original and acquired contents.Our award-winning films combined with our unmatched ability to curate, program and distribute translate into a one-of-a-kind viewer experience. Our content diversity appeals to a diverse multicultural audience.


Great Stories.

Blue Magic

Our Movie

Dir. Yoel Morales

Directed by Yoel Morales, this sy fy movie is beautifully shot. In a remote part of a Caribbean island, completely cut off from modern technology, we find Moises. The love Moises feels for the girl from another moon gave him the strength to defeat his flesh-eating opponent.

An Amazing Science Fiction Feature

Director Yoel Morales adds: 'the best way to tell our story was to deliver a fantasy movie, with a detailed focus on each character.' Release date: 2017, 76 minutes.

Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Grace Chen, Chinese Designer Featured at China Fashion Gala 2018, 5/15/18

China Institute Gala

Designer Grace Chen

What inspired your clothing line?

For the New York China Fashion Gala, we picked about 30 pieces from our classic collection as well as the latest collection, titled "Modern Times". The pieces can be split into 3-4 categories: 1. Modern Qipaos ­ you will see elements of the traditional Chinese qipao, but in our own modern way. 2. The Power suit ­ A suit is not just a suit, the traditional jacket silhouette ­ It can be a coat, a jacket, a top too… that’s for a professional woman’s everyday wear. Their work occasions, business occasions…

I want people, no matter who you are in the room, looking at my clothes and want to wear it, not just feel “That is so beautiful but it has nothing to do with me”. Everything (we design) is according to a women’s lifestyle, what we need… 3. We have another collection called the “Manhattan Skyline” – it is a fringe collection, how we translate the Manhattan skyline into clothing… I intentionally curated a group of dresses that reflect my idea of New York Style.

Great Movies.

A Film on the Revered Ganges River in India

Living River

Dir. Vinit Parmar

NYIHA MEDIA is pleased to release the best in Indian cinema. In a beautifully shot non-fiction film, Director Vinit Parmar presents an up-close look at the pollution that has been an ecological scourge troubling the revered Ganges River in India.

The film delivers a rarely seen and authentic view of the life at the river's edge and the people struggling to compel change. With unprecedented access, the film brings to light an age-old industry of leather production in jeopardy, bringing in USD$4 Billion to the Indian economy at a cost of degradation of the environment and the health of the residents.

Irreversible global robotization: World’s five most robotized nations by ETN, 7 May 2018


It goes without saying that automation across a whole range of industries is progressing inexorably. Global robotization is gaining speed irreversibly, according to the International Federation of Robotics. The latest data from the organizations show that, in 2015, the manufacturing industry saw 66 robot machines per 10,000 working people. In just one year, the figure rose to 77 robots per 10,000 of human workers. Here’s the list of world’s five most robotized nations, where robot machines tend to gradually replace working humans.

#5 Denmark This Scandinavian state is one of the world’s leaders in using renewable energy. At the same time, machinery manufacturing reportedly makes up nearly 25 percent of industrial output. Denmark enjoys the help of 211 robots per 10,000 working people and is number five in the ranking.

#4 Japan The country boasts 303 industry robots for every 10,000 working humans. Most of them are employed in the vehicle-making sector. Though Japan failed to make the top three ranking, 52 percent of global robot supplies are reportedly coming from the nation.

Great Coffee.

Venezia Coffee From Italy


The Venezia brand offers light, media and strong roastings. Venezia Ridolfo Expresso is lightly roasted, to preserve its subtle aromas and balanced richness. A medium roasting of Venezia Lisaura creates a complex and delicate caramel taste. In contrast, Venezia Leandro coffee is a strong and full-bodied blend with intense and strong flavors. Composition: Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans from India.


Net Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Price: $20 (Plus Shipping & Handling).


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